Mysty the Mystical Unicorn
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Mysty the Mystical Unicorn

by Kimberley PatersonPublish: Dec 15, 2021Children's
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Kimberley Paterson is a first-time author of a children’s illustrated book entitled Frankie the Ferret which has been named a 2020 Canada Book Award Winner. Frankie has also received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award! Kimberley was born in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small rural farming town north of Toronto. Kimberley is the mother of two children and the grandmother of four amazing little people who were the inspiration for this book. She currently lives in the countryside in Claremont, Ontario with her spouse Doug, a chocolate lab named Molly and two cats, Kitty and Tobey.

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Book Awards and Achievements

  • Best Excellence Honorary Mention Children's Picture Book

    Mysty the Mystical Unicorn

  • Mom's Choice Silver Award

    Mysty the Mystical Unicorn

Book Detail
Title Mysty the Mystical Unicorn
Author Kimberley Paterson,
Publish Date 15, Dec 2021
Language English
Page Count 24