Don't Poke the Bear
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Don't Poke the Bear

by Robin D'Amato Publish: May 03, 2022Literary Fiction
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Women's Fiction Literary Fiction

Connecticut born, Robin D’Amato moved to New York City to attend New York University, fell in love with the City, and never left. In 1984, she was introduced to the Macintosh computer and has worked in the publishing industry as a pre-press specialist ever since. She also spent several decades pursuing dance and choreography. Her debut novel, Somebody’s Watching You, won a 2021 second-quarter Firebird Book Award for fiction. She currently lives in Manhattan’s East Village with her 3,000-LP music room and her two cats.

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Book Detail
Title Don't Poke the Bear
Author Robin D'Amato
Publish Date 03, May 2022
Publisher Atmosphere Press
Language English
Page Count 344