Nothing to See Here
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Nothing to See Here

by Brendan WalshPublish: May 25, 2022Action & Adventure Literary Fiction Humor General Nonfiction



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Action & Adventure

I was born in Ireland in 1957 and I hold an honors degree in Applied Psychology from University College Cork. I’ve worked at all sorts of jobs in my lifetime, but none remotely related to the mechanisms of the mind. I was a lifeguard in Ireland, a production line worker in Amsterdam, and a janitor in Denmark. I was a fisherman in the Holy Land and a drummer in a rock band called, Bill’s Bored Stiff. When I arrived in New York City, I got a job as a plasterer’s mate on a building site on Long Island. The loose translation in layman’s terms for a job like that… a human cement mixer. From there, I graduated to banging nails, and slowly, after weaving my way through ne’er-do-wells, mamelukes, biker bullies, the bloods and the crips, and all other indigenous reprobates specific to the construction industry, I arrived out of the other end, not at all unlike a bowel movement… a sub-contractor. I worked in New York City for thirty-five years and enjoyed every minute of it.
I’m retired now and living in Ireland doing what I love best; painting and writing. I go back to New York from time to time. It will always be a part of me. It’s my second home.

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  • Literary Titan Book Award.

    Nothing to See Here

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Title Nothing to See Here
Author Brendan Walsh
Publish Date 25, May 2022
Language English
Page Count 322