Atlantis (Astral Alignment Book 7)
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Atlantis (Astral Alignment Book 7)

by Randall SharpePublish: Sep 06, 2023Science Fiction Fantasy Horror
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Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

Randall Sharpe began to write in the Astral Alignment universe at the age of eighteen, drawing inspiration from ufology and New Age spirituality to inform his science fiction, horror and fantasy. He is an avid tabletop and online roleplayer, holds a black belt in Uechi-ryu karate, and has begun to publish regularly after obtaining his degree. Randall can occasionally be found posting on various imageboards, sinking hours into Terraria or Starbound, and taking online certification courses to diversify his skillset.

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Book Detail
Title Atlantis (Astral Alignment Book 7)
Author Randall Sharpe
Publish Date 06, Sep 2023
Language English
Page Count 331