Lexi Miles Interview Published on: 04, May 2020

Tell us a little bit about your hometown and your life growing up.

Sure, let’s dive in. My hometown that I grew up in was San Jose, California, USA. Although it was a big city, it very much felt like a small town. It was comprised of a highly diverse group of people from every background, the weather was beautiful most days, and we really got into the holidays. To this day, the locals in San Jose are extremely warm, friendly, and always give you a smile should you need it. My hometown will always have a special place in my heart. Especially the mom and pop pizza and burger places that have been around forever! It is a magical place!

As far as growing up, I am the youngest child of two girls. My sister Chloe is my bestie to this day (Romance Author Chloe Quinn). Early on, my parents got divorced. So there was a mixture of bumps, growing pains, giggles, challenges, and good times. Meanwhile, I learned an array of awesome things from cooking, life lessons, values, languages, kind-heartedness, friendship, family, and universal love. I had a beautiful upbringing and I would not change any of it. It all made me strong and uniquely who I am today.

What is the earliest experience you had with books/writing that you remember?

As far as books that were read to me, I would say bedtime stories/bible stories were my first blush with books. When it comes to books that I read, as a little, I loved reading Dr. Seuss and Berenstain Bears. Those books had life lessons and deep messages. I connected/and still do connect with them. For example the Cat in the Hat. He taught you to clean up your mess or it only got bigger. That common sense and smart writing sparked my love for learning and writing. I understood, right then and there, that when you read a good story you could live multiple lives, accelerate your expansion of knowledge, avoid mistakes, develop life skills, and soak in real-life lessons all by turning a page. I was all for that!

When it comes to writing, I remember writing a creative project in elementary school where I wrote a tall tale. I remember thinking about how cool it was that I could drive the character’s story and determine the outcome. Then when I was in high school, I wrote about a nightmare babysitting experience. It was such a rush to see the real-time reaction of the readers. They were so invested, engaged, and connected to the story. That was my first taste of taking a reader from the confines of their daily life and giving them a fun experience and a reason to smile. It was cool to see the way a story I had written could truly move a reader! That was exhilarating!

If you have chosen writing any one genre for the rest of your life what would it be - poetry or romance?


As a romance novelist, what are some ways you think are the best ways to show love to somebody?

As simple as this may sound I would say in three ways. I think you should tell them, show them through actions, and prioritize them.

What was college like for you and how did it shape your writing?

Early on, I learned the value of education and how it applies to life. I love any setting where I have the opportunity to learn. So when it came to college, I loved it. I met many friends that I am still great friends with and I grew in many ways both in life experience and in my writing. As far as how college shaped my writing, I had the opportunity of learning from multiple professors who were professional writers, editors, and communication experts. All of which helped me to understand the value of writing creatively, realistically, and grammatically. Prior, I had found the love for writing and entertaining through my writing. My college years helped me find the soul and heart of my writing.

How did you begin writing the Holiday Fever series? Are there connections between the two books of the series plot-wise?

I began writing the Holiday Fever series over the holiday season. I love romances that involve the holidays and that’s how that came to be.

For the books involving the end of the year holiday books, they are connected. Any book that falls beyond the time of holidays (Valentine’s Day, July 4 th , etc.) those are stand-alone books that take place on a holiday which is why they all are in the holiday series. They can be read as solo books.

As a writer, do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I think it is a little bit of both.

Romance has a specific recipe (they meet, they spend time together, they fall in love, they have a conflict, they reunite stronger, and for the books, I write they have a happy ending). I love that recipe. So, like all good recipes handed down, I don’t want to mess with it too much, however, I do want to put my spin on it. I want to have my characters coming out with love as well as development/growth.

As far as delivering what readers want, sure I have that in mind as I write. It is not controlling me but giving me positive energy. You see, I think about what I want to read as a reader and write that. If it something that I would like to read then I know that other readers will probably enjoy it too!

Who inspired the character of Sunni in "Custom Fit"? How do you select the names of your characters?

Many things inspired the character Sunni. Today, let’s go with this. There are strokes of my personality in her, I once worked with clothing, had a strong female boss that took me under her wing like Zelina, and who doesn’t have a hot celebrity you’d like to have a beautiful and tender romance with.

I select my character names in various ways. I like to pick unique names that sound like nicknames. That’s because they sound friendly and like a friend. It tends to make the characters likable. I also like to pick names to note how a character will be. Like Sunni, I wanted to say subtly that she was filled with sunshine and was upbeat. What better way to say that then through a name like Sunshine. (Giggles) Having said that, I also tend to use multiple sources from auto name generators, soap opera characters, baby books/lists, random inspiration, and my personal favorite are the unique names I come across while out and about. All of which I will scribble in my phone, a book, or a sheet of paper to reference later.

What are some of your biggest fears when it comes to writing?

There are many, but this is the one that just came to my mind. That I won’t personally connect with something that I write. I don’t ever want to write a soulless book.

Do you relate to the character of Margo in "Be Mine"?

Yes, I relate to her. She has a lot of facets that I connect with.

‘Run’ has a wonderful and intriguing plot. What brought the idea of it to you?

Thank you, I am so glad that you enjoyed it! There is a funny story about how Run developed. It originally was a short story and it grew legs. I started writing the short story as a part of the Wedding Nights Collection thinking, I wanted to have romantic suspense in the collection, and doing it in that way was a fun idea. However, the more I wrote the more I realized it had to be a book all on its own.

Do you base your characters more upon real-life personalities than you rely upon your imagination, or is it the other way round?

It is a bit of both in equal parts.

What are a couple of major lessons you've learned since becoming a writer?

That’s a great question! I learned so much and continue to learn more daily. I learned to not worry so much about rules, opinions of people who aren’t fans of my genre [or me], and the world of writing is actively evolving. I have learned to protect my vision for my stories or I will hate it later and rewrite it anyway, I’ve learned to enjoy my writing as it is. I am the writer I am and I am not anyone else. And, that’s okay! I have a unique voice and have an audience that likes that voice. I know that even if you don’t know it and even don’t feel it, someone is waiting for the book that only you can write. But the most important thing is to always enjoy writing and to have fun with it!

Which is the next book due for release? Are you finished writing it?

There are three that are close to release and all are in different stages. Those titles are Convince Me (Novel, In Final Edits), Wedding Nights (Short Stories, Editing), and Wildfire (Hybrid of Poetry and Novella, Written).

How has your experience with AllAuthor been?

I have nothing but great things to say about AllAuthor. It is a website that supports the authors on it. It is cutting edge and has a lot of great services that authors need! It is a great place to promote your books, expand your audience, and meet great people. I love it and will stick with the company for a long time to come!

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