Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde

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  • Writing: Literary Fiction, LGBT, Science Fiction, General Nonfiction
  • Country: United States
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  • Born: 28 May
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I wrote The Acorn Stories, Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure, Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure, Holding Me Together, and New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio. I also edited and co-wrote the spin-off The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer.

Three of my books have received StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Awards, and one received an AllBooks Reviewers Choice Award.

I love books, movies, and TV shows, especially with gay and/or scifi elements. I also love rock and dance music, 1970s-the present (and some 1060s).

Writing published in nightFire, Mesquite, Caprock Sun, Midwest Poetry Review, International Journal on World Peace, and many other publications.

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I tweet and retweet about books, movies, etc., often trading follows and retweets with other twitter users.

My name is pronounced "Dwain Smoky."

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  • Duane Simolke,Toni Davis

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The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure

Publish Date: Feb 13, 2014

Genre: Fantasy

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  • On 12, 09 2017

    Duane Simolke interview

    Our pro-author Duane Simolke (Dwain Smoky) have so much to share about himself and his experience throughout life. He loves books, TV shows, and dance & music, and his thought provoking writing always manages to touch hearts and open eyes. He gets inspired by anyone who helps and respects other peoples without any personal benefits. His creation 'The Acorn Stories',... read full interview