Whats the Future Its a blank sheet of paper and we draw lines on it but sometimes our hand is held and the lines we draw arent the lines we wanted. John Marsden

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E.C. Fisher is an emerging author who was born in Vandenberg, AFB, California. Currently, he happily writes and resides in Florida.

From 2007 to 2011, he proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Three years ago, he was introduced to the writing world after a bout of inspiration drove him to write his very first story. After sharing his work with several people and receiving favorable feedback, he decided to continue treading on the creative path of storytelling.

When he doesn’t have a pen in hand, you can find him at the bowling alley getting strikes or at home reading fantastical books.

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Re:Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King

Publish Date: Feb 17, 2018

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy

Is available at

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  • On 16, 11 2017

    E.C. Fisher interview

    E.C. Fisher, an ex-US Marine is a skilled Sci-Fi writer. Thanks to his military family background Fisher has traveled a lot across America and abroad.
    In a recent interview, he talked about the pros and cons of being an indie/self-published author. Even though, Fisher is neither religious nor practice a faith, his latest book The Deceived is touching upon God... read full interview