Wisdom outweighs any wealth. Sophocles

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I write Lesfic and lurk about on social media in my spare time. I like interacting with people. So, please drop by and say Hi!

I love all the usual things. Travel, Greece and LA are my fave destinations so far, but I am still exploring.

Photography...I usually have a pen or a camera in my hand. So, if I'm not writing about you, I might be taking your photograph instead!

Hanging out with friends. I like brunching and coffee. Salted Popcorn at the cinema. Gimme a homemade burger over any fast food joint. I like to cook from scratch and just throw it all in a pan. I am a big fan of Mango!

I am a huge Liverpool FC fan. I enjoy the gym and trying to get fitter and stronger following a few years of ill health.

I'm an optimist. The worlds ending? That's ok, we might be one of the survivors.. stock the pantry!

I'm honest, Does your arse look big in this? Well, yeah! But its still a great arse!

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