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I'm a full time author. Mother of two teenagers. Wife to an amazing man for 20 years. Dog lover. Cat lover. COFFEE addict. Night Owl. I'm a sucker for a good book. Love the quiet life. Have the bestest best friend in the whole world. My imagination never shuts off which makes it hard to sleep. The worst cook. Seriously.

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  • Sonya Loveday

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

The Summer I Fell (The Six Series Book 1)

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  • On 01, 06 2018

    Sonya Loveday interview

    Born in Northern Maine in the small city of Presque Isle, and spending a lot of time in the countryside of Mapleton, Sonya Loveday had a fun childhood filled with activities and adventures. Believing that if someone had told her 8-year self that this would be her life now, she would have laughed in his/her face, Sonya writes romance novels as she thinks that authors... read full interview