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Featured book submission fee is set at only $24, one time payment for a promotion period of 6 months.

What Are Featured Books?

Featured book listing is aimed to help authors in boosting their book promotions. During the entire period of a featured listing, the book will be promoted on AllAuthor and the social media platforms of AllAuthor. Additionally, the authors will get access to DIY tools which can be further used to increase the promotions of the books.
The featured book listing is available at an affordable price to ensure that every author can take advantage of it and increase their book publicity.
Duration of featured listing is: 6 months

To feature your book, you'll have to Join as an Author, and add your book to your Author Profile, if you haven't already.

Key Benefits of Featuring Your Book

  • Featured listing on the Book Directory and in the category of the respective genre of the book.
  • Regular promotions on Twitter for 6 months in front of 50,000+ followers

    Each of the tweets will be attached by the book cover and Amazon buy link.
  • Access to DIY tool Review GIF Maker to create animation GIFs of your best five-star reviews. Example
  • Unique and Professional Book Mockup Banner worth $120 delivered right to your inbox for FREE every week (Authors also have freedom to choose the Mockup Banner from our designs).

Extra Benefits

  • A dedicated landing page of your book which includes all the buy links of the book and the Amazon reviews.
  • Addition of sample chapter to your book page, if available.
  • Options for readers to add your book to their All Time Favourite collection.
  • Options for readers to start and participate in your book discussion.
  • Ability to track the metrics related to your books like the number of views, store link clicks, AllAuthor tweets and sample chapter reads.