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      • K. Aten K. Aten 2 years ago
      • There are a lot of elements that go into making a great tale. And I could talk about a lot of popular ones, such as tropes or themes, innovative plots, and the like. But that's all subjective with the content, and not everyone would agree that my personal view of the elements included within a novel are things that make it good. And therefore I can't say a book is necessarily good because of a popular element or trope. For me, the books that I love the most will contain one of three key triggers. Think, Feel, and Discuss. As both a reader AND a writer, I'm all about books that cause a strong reaction. My author motto is this: "Some books end the silence, others begin it". #Think, #Feel, #Discuss. My favorite books will elicit a strong response from me in one or more of those three categories.
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