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I am from Australia and I live in the Hunter Valley in NSW. I am one of three siblings. I lived in a dysfunctional family. I had as a child a knowing. later in life, I traveled extensively and found out I had to write my books.

My books are a series of books. My Secret Self: Trial and Tribulations of an Innocent - Book 1, it was published on September 2019.
My Secret Self: Questioning Life in Marriage - Book 2, it was as published on July 2019. These books are based on my life experiences. Life wasn't easy for me however, due to these experiences I questioned life and why life was how it was. I never ruminated on my issues I wanted to know about other cultures in the world. Through my experiences, I experienced a lot of isolation. Due to this, I became a very resilience person. In my fifties, I went on my Spiritual Journey answering my calling to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I went there not knowing about the people or the culture. I followed my Spirit and just went on my Calling. Many of us have a Calling in life and never heed to it.
My books will take you on a journey. I feel life is to be experienced and through our experiences, we can follow our Calling and complete our healing for this lifetime.

I'm a Spiritual Coach. My life experiences, I have prepared me to help others who have gone through a dysfunctional family. I have a deeper understanding of people and their complexities. I work on an intuitive level. I can tap into your soul's energy and bring forth the right question for you to answer, for your own personal growth as a person.

As a child and all my adult life, I've had a deeper spiritual knowing. I’ve known that life is deeper than the physical.

I’ve been told; my book is inspirational, from those who have read it. The experiences, I experienced as a child and or as an adult have not left a scar on me and or define me, today. Instead, I have become a much stronger person through my experiences.

Patterns from my family have played a big part in my life and unraveling them, has changed me to a very calm and capable person.
My mottos are:
“Self-Knowledge Heals all.” "Self-Knowledge is Power"
“Life is to be Experienced.”

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My Secret Self: Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent

Publish Date: Sep 18, 2018

Genre: General Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

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My Secret Self: Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent

My Secret Self: Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent


Publication Date: Sep 18, 2018

General Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

4.9 (10 ratings)

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My Secret Self - Book 2: Questioning Life in Marriage

My Secret Self - Book 2: Questioning Life in Marriage


Publication Date: Jul 02, 2019

Biographies & Memoirs, Religion & Spirituality

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Christine U. Cowin Interview

  • On 28, 06 2019

    Christine U. Cowin interview

    Christine U. Cowin was born in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. She has always helped people with life directions and with clarity around their lives. She writes a lot of futuristic and supernatural stories, as well as her autobiography. She is also a life coach. She is an intuitive coach who works on a spiritual level. She has lots of started stories that have not... read full interview

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    • christineucowin 4 monthsAuthor
    • Hi to All, I have changed the cover of my book and it's been updated on all stockist sites and I am very pleased with the new cover. The new cover is in-line with my book. As a new author its been a trial and error session with the self-publishing of my book. Have you as an author had to change your book cover? All these little set-back are lessons. Nonetheless, it's been a wonderful experience to have my story in print. How is it for you? And if you're a reader reading this you can understand there's a lot going on behind the scenes, for each author.
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      • christineucowin 2 daysAuthor
      • An esoteric astrologer told me you have to write books. When I was living in Istanbul. I wanted to write on my life’s story and here he was telling me you have to its in your chart. I was amazed with that revelation. He introduced me to Yesim, she helped me to pull out all my memories, through Reiki, word association, mind-mapping and mandalas. This helped me enormously to bring all to the surface.
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