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Jeanine Lunsford
Jeanine Lunsford
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Jeanine writes Women's Contemporary, Inspirational, and New Adult fiction with spicy romantic elements.
Inspirational, but never "preachy", her stories have been described as "Spirit with Spice".
Jeanine's books are powerful and passionate, realistic and emotional ... gritty without being raunchy.
Her protagonists are strong-willed women, vulnerable but not weak, often fallen but never down for the count.
The endings of her books are satisfying, never leaving a saccharin sweet aftertaste.
Jeanine loves cooking, teaching children at her church, and living life on the Gulf Coast with her husband who is also her best friend.

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Remembering First Love (The Rivera Sisters Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Nov 08, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction

avg rating4.8 - 29 reviews on Amazon

Jeanine Lunsford's Books

Remembering First Love (The Rivera Sisters Series Book 1)


Publication Date: Nov 08, 2018

Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction

4.8 (29 ratings)

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      • jeaninelunsford 3 months AuthorAuthor
      • When you're busy and have a million things distracting you, you don't have a lot of time for tedious paragraphs of prose. Today's readers want less prose and more punch. They want realistic, relatable characters. They want to be captivated by the story. I suppose you could call that less art, in terms of the feel of the classics, but more in terms of the author's ability to pull their readers into a character's inner struggle.
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    • allauthor 3 monthsAllauthor
    • Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?
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      • jeaninelunsford 3 months AuthorAuthor
      • Truth: many people judge books by their covers--and covers include titles, so both are ultra important. It is the purpose of a title to wrap up the personality of the book in a few words. If the title doesn't express the book's soul, it hasn't done its job.
        In my opinion, it is imperative that an author find an excellent graphic design artist or book cover designer to help them to achieve a quality book cover. There are probably gobs of great, published stories out there that will never be read because the title doesn't work or because the book cover has been poorly designed.
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