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Sylvie Parris

Sylvie Parris

Sylvie comes from a line of story tellers and artists. For her to become an author was a natural progression, following family tradition. She thought at first she could be a lyricist but eventually realized that verse was not in her creative future. Switching to essay and then short stories, Sylvie found her passion.

Her first novel was supposed to be a short story. She found herself asking so many questions about the people and the setting that she decided to write it down and see what came out of it. She hasn't been able to stop since.

Sylvie has lived her entire life in the American south. She enjoys humor, gaming, gardening, reading and spending time with her family.

Sylvie Parris Books

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Tapestry of Familyby Sylvie D. ParrisPublish: Nov 05, 2018Romance Women's Fiction LGBT Humor
Love In The Key Of Magic
Love In The Key Of Magicby Sylvie D. ParrisPublish: Oct 31, 2019Romantic Suspense Paranormal Romance Romance Fantasy

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