Author’s Top 5 Writing and Marketing Tips
Tom Ranseen
Crime Fiction Historical Mystery
6 months

#1 is Jim Valvano's iconic quote - re: the famous NC State basketball coach's battle with cancer. "Don't give up. Don't ever give up." If it's your passion, it's your life, Keep writing.

# 2 -That said, realize that "Blank paper (or these days, a blank screen) is God's way of telling you it's not so easy to be God." (various quotes). It's hard freak'n work.

#3 - Read a lot in your book genre and others and take notes. Trust me, the good stuff will rub off. Also take some time each day to read a few pages of one of your books -- and enjoy what you've accomplished - you'll surprised how well your book compares,

#4 Once your story is far enough along, get some input from a person or two you trust, but don't let them write your story. A corollary: with very few exceptions, ignore any feedback that any family member ever tries to foist on you.

#5 Find a good time and place where your mind is alert and still - to do nothing but write -- maybe for a half hour or maybe a couple hours or more.

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