Book Discussion: Behind the Glass

Behind the Glass
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Behind the Glassby Kristen Morgen Publish: Jun 30, 2014Series: State Street SeriesContemporary Romance New Adult Romance
      • Kristen Morgen Kristen Morgen 1 year ago
      • Each character I create has a special place in my heart and I love them all for different reasons. It sounds totally cliché but it’s true. If I had to choose, Michael is probably my favorite character, because let’s face it, he’s sort of the perfect guy. Besides being strikingly handsome, he is kind, honest, smart, funny, generous, and always stays true to himself. When he meets someone, he’s not interested in a one night stand; rather he considers a long-term future with that person. He simply wants more. He’s definitely the steady constant throughout the book and is completely in love.
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