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  • Sharon Hamilton

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New Years SEAL Dream: A Bone Frog Brotherhood Novella

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Sharon Hamilton Suspense, Action & Adventure, Romance

nd news! - Visit Sharon's website at Sharon and her husband live in Northern California, in the heart of the Wine Country, where most of her stories take place. When she isn't writing, she can be found getting vera vera dirty in her flower and vegetable gardens. But she has a big secret. She's a tortured Fairy Godmother who fell back to earth and became a writer to do enough penance to get back into grace. Some day, she might actually get there. SEAL BROTHERHOOD SERIES: SEAL Encounter (.5) Kyle & Christy Accidental SEAL (1) LPO Kyle & Christy SEAL Endeavor (1.5) Coop & Libby Fallen SEAL Legacy (2) Coop & Libby SEAL Under Covers (3) Armando & Gina SEAL The Deal (4) Nick & Devon Cruisin' For A SEAL (5) Mark & Sophia & cast of 3000 SEAL My Destiny (6) Luke & Julie SEAL Of My Heart (7) Tyler & Kate Fredo's Secret (novella) Fredo & Mia Fredo's Dream (8) Fredo & Mia BAD BOYS OF SEAL TEAM 3 SERIES: SEAL's Promise, (1) T.J. & Shannon SEAL My Home, (2) Rory & Megan SEAL's Code, (3) Danny Begay & Luci Big Bad Boy Bundle, Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3: All 3 above books in one bundle. BAND OF BACHELORS: Lucas: (1) Lucas & Marcy Alex: (2) Alex & Sydney Jake: (3) Coming Spring 2017 TRUE BLUE SEALS: True Navy Blue (novella) Zak & Amy Zak: (1) Zak & Amy NASHVILLE SEALS Series: Nashville SEAL, (1) Jameson & Lizzie Nashville SEAL: Jameson (2) Jameson & Lizzie TRIDENT LEGACY: SEAL Of Time (duet with Kathryn LeVeque) (Tay & Marney) ANTHOLOGIES & Shorts: SEAL Shorts, A Book of Firsts, SEAL Brotherhood first chapters, Books 1-11 and 3 novellas Game For Love: SEAL's Goal:The Beautiful Game (Kindle World) St. Helena Vineyards: Love Me Tender, Love You Hard (Kindle World) FALL FROM GRACE SERIES: Gideon: Heavenly Fall (1) Coming 12-30-16 GOLDEN VAMPIRES OF TUSCANY SERIES: Honeymoon Bite (1) Marcus & Anne Mortal Bite (2) Paolo & Cara THE GUARDIANS-GUARDIAN ANGEL EROTIC ROMANCE: Heavenly Lover (1) Daniel & Claire Underworld Lover (2) Josh & Melanie Underworld Queen (3) Jonas & Audray SUPERBUNDLES: Immortal Valentines: Paranormal Superbundle. 5 full-length books (2 Golden Vampires, 3 Guardian Angels) Ultimate SEAL Collection No. 1 (Books 1-4 with 2 novellas) SEAL Brotherhood Series Ultimate SEAL Collection No. 2 (Books 5-7) SEAL Brotherhood Series SEAL Brotherhood Box Set No. 1 (Book 1 plus SEAL Encounter) SEAL Brotherhood Box Set No. 2 (Book 2 plus SEAL Endeavor)...

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Publish Date: 30, Jan 2018
Language: English
Page Count: 160

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