Blossoming Act
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Blossoming Act

by Rebecca Thein Publish: Jan 21, 2014Contemporary Romance
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Contemporary Romance Women's Fiction

I grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco and have always called the Bay Area home. My husband and I have three adult children who made every day an adventure for them. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing a child transform into adulthood, making their dreams come true.

At twelve, I was searching for a creative outlet during summer vacation. That is when my childhood friend and I wrote a collaborative story. To this day, I still cherish the memories of that summer. And with that said, I plan to upload and share that book one day. Also, I would love my own print copy.

Over the years, I have penned several poems for children. Each poem is accompanied by an assortment of fun activities that help guide a parent as they introduce literature to their child. Through different mediums of art, oral communication, and music, your child can experience these poems.

Years ago, I designed soft sculpted dolls and turned my vision into doll patterns I sold online and in stores. This was another love of mine, and it kept my imagination alive.

Rise Above the Truth, my first published work, came to fruition while I waited for the end-of-day school bell to ring. It was a pleasant way to pass the time every afternoon while sitting in my car. Each day over that school year, the story developed and took me on a journey I never dreamed possible.

I hope my stories take you on a journey of love and laughter, with the occasional obstacle to overcome.

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Book Detail
Title Blossoming Act
Author Rebecca Thein
Publish Date 21, Jan 2014
Language English
Page Count 361
Cover Design Robin Harper Wicked by Design