To know what we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge. Confucius

  • Michael Fulkerson,Michael King

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Career Thief: Volume 1

Publish Date: Mar 31, 2016

Genre: Crime Fiction

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Michael Fulkerson Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Michael Fulkerson is an avid sports enthusiast, utilizing multiple medias in his writing, writing from dark histories of his life. Been wrongly convicted and falsely accused, losing fifteen years of his life for a crime he did not commit. Fulkerson met a family he has since had issues with, but, sev...

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Publish Date: 31, Mar 2016
Language: English
Page Count: 217

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    • michaelfulkerson 4 months AuthorAuthor
    • Malefic is a self-taught career thief, stealing from the point of early childhood, into his adulthood, eyeing the biggest heist in World history. Told in a first-person narrative story-telling. Malefic's understanding of right and wrong are clearly his own. He has SOME psychic powers that enables the extra sensory senses to guide him in his crimes. Malefic is an Anti-Social serial thief, having chosen stealing as career in life, working a nine to five job at minimum wage is not for Malefic.
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