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  • Michael Fulkerson,Michael King

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Demon Stalker: Volume 1: The Beginning

Publish Date: Nov 17, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

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Michael Fulkerson Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Michael Fulkerson is an avid sports enthusiast, utilizing multiple medias in his writing, writing from dark histories of his life. Been wrongly convicted and falsely accused, losing fifteen years of his life for a crime he did not commit. Fulkerson met a family he has since had issues with, but, sev...

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ASIN: B077KJ777W
Publish Date: 17, Nov 2017
Language: English
Page Count: 188

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    • michaelfulkerson 2 months Post AdminAuthor
    • This is an interesting book. It is geared towards Christians and Non-Christians alike. Jake Steele is killed in life. He goes to Purgatory and is told his balance tips him in the direction of Hell. Jake agrees to become a Demon Stalker to send the Demon Kings back to Hell. The Demon King's appearance signifies Armageddon is near. Jake needs to prevent Armageddon. There are accounts of hair-raising battles in this book.
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