The Lost Signal (Slaves of Zisaida Book 1)
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The Lost Signal (Slaves of Zisaida Book 1)

by J.S. Fernandez Morales Publish: Jan 06, 2020Series: Slaves of ZisaidaScience Fiction



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Slaves of Zisaida complete series

Science Fiction

Jennifer S. Fernández Morales was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She is a woman driven by her passions: languages, literature, baking, and birds. Combining her Bachelor's degree in psychology with courses in literature and creative writing, Fernández strives to create fantastic stories with compelling characters. After spending years honing her skills as a writer, she finally decided to take the plunge and publish her first book.

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Book Detail
Title The Lost Signal (Slaves of Zisaida Book 1)
Series Slaves of Zisaida
Author J.S. Fernandez Morales
ASIN B07X9147K1
Publish Date 06, Jan 2020
Language English
Page Count 463
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