Poems Through the Years
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Poems Through the Years

by S.L. Vaden Publish: Feb 07, 2020Poetry



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S.L. Vaden
S.L. VadenUnited States4 Books
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S.L. Vaden started writing short stories when she learned how to write and read. Taking inspiration from nature, and the world around her. Growing up on a small farm she learned how to take care of the land she lived on and to not take this world for granted. In the back of her mind S.L. Vaden had always hoped to become an author, never really telling her dream of becoming one to those around her, in fear the dream would be shattered. When S.L. Vaden moved from a rural town in NC to a larger city in San Diego, her imagination took flight. As she started a new job in a new city she started writing.

S.L. Vaden writes in two genres. First is high fantasy. Her first series: The Legend of Zelkova: Elementum and Umbras that will expand into its own literary universe. The first and second installments are now available. The third installment is in the works.

She also writes dark romance. These use strong language and intimate scenes that cannot be found in her fantasy novels. These books tend to be an outlet for pain she feels and to shine a light on depression and other invisible illness in an adventurous way.

S.L. Vaden invites you to come and take a look within the worlds that she has created. You might be surprised at what you find there.

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Title Poems Through the Years
Author S.L. Vaden
ASIN B084L786V9
Publish Date 07, Feb 2020
Language English
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