Dead Heads (Gloomwood Book 1)
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Dead Heads (Gloomwood Book 1)

by Ross YoungPublish: Dec 27, 2012Crime Fiction Supernatural Suspense Humor Fantasy
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Thriller Action & Adventure Humor Fantasy

Ross Young was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in a hospital that has since been knocked down. He spent his childhood in a variety of international locales and uses this fact to affect an air of the windswept and interesting, badly. He enjoys diving and travelling and has lived and worked in various interesting places.

Dead Heads is his debut novel and forms part of a series of books set in the city of Gloomwood. He does not write from experience as, despite his appearance and demeanor, he is not dead.

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Book Detail
Title Dead Heads (Gloomwood Book 1)
Author Ross Young
Publish Date 27, Dec 2012
Language English
Page Count 453