First Second Coming (The New God Series Book 1)
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First Second Coming (The New God Series Book 1)

by Jeff Pollak Publish: Aug 01, 2020Series: The New God SeriesSupernatural Suspense Romantic Suspense
    • Jeff Pollak Jeff Pollak 1 month ago
    • If you could, how would you go about ending religious violence in real life?

      If you were writing book two in this series, which global problem(s) would you want Earth's new god to address in it?

      How would you update the Bible, or your faith's equivalent, so that it suits current or projected human spiritual needs and no longer contains outmoded or scientifically disproved content?
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The New God Series complete series

Supernatural Suspense Romantic Suspense Fantasy

Although I've lived in Southern California for decades, I was born and raised in New York City. That may explain why the idea for First Second Coming, my debut novel, hatched on 9/11 as I watched the World Trade Center fall.

I'd been in the building often, as my law firm conducted seminars there every May. I had clients in the building, some of whom were lost. Horrified by what I was seeing on CNN, a random thought came to me: "We need a new god. A planetary turnaround specialist."

Most random thoughts come and go, but this one didn't budge. In 2015, soon after I decided to write fiction as a retirement hobby, that random thought made itself known again. A rudimentary plot, the names and histories of the two main characters and three different story endings spilled out in one sitting.

I jotted everything down, made a bullet point outline and began to write whenever I could. First Second Coming was the result.

Book Detail
Title First Second Coming (The New God Series Book 1)
Series The New God Series
Author Jeff Pollak
Publish Date 01, Aug 2020
Language English
Page Count 297