Sudoku for Kids 5: 9 x 9 grids for kids
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Sudoku for Kids 5: 9 x 9 grids for kids

by Kaye NutmanPublish: Apr 11, 2024
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Hi! I'm a UK-born author now living in vibrant Melbourne, Australia. As a mum, volunteer, planner creator, and fibro-warrior, I've embraced many roles with passion and dedication.

I was born in Northumberland, England, and have lived in various wonderful places like Lancashire, Wearside, Kent, and Hertfordshire. My teaching career began in the charmingly named village of Shiney Row during the Miner’s Strike, and I later became a Deputy Head and Acting Headmistress in Kent before having my son. In Hertfordshire, I taught Special Educational Needs children part time. Each county holds a special place in my heart, but Northumberland will always feel like home.

When my husband's career brought us to Melbourne, what started as a short stay turned into over twenty wonderful years. Melbourne has truly become our home.

I enjoy volunteer work and have written biographies for palliative care patients and assisted in a Day Oncology Wig Room. Writing has been a lifelong passion, leading to the books you see here. I'm also an enthusiastic creator of printable and digital planners, which you can find on Etsy.

Welcome to my world!

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Title Sudoku for Kids 5: 9 x 9 grids for kids
Author Kaye Nutman
ASIN 0975620614
Publish Date 11, Apr 2024
Language English
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