Book Discussion: The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus: Aaron and Alana

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The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus: Aaron and Alanaby Francis Audrain Publish: Nov 24, 2021Series: The Everlasting Spring: Beyond OlympusHistorical Mystery Thriller Suspense Mystery
    • Francis Audrain Francis Audrain 4 months ago
    • After the seminal eras of Benjamin & Boudica, and Colton & Blue Star, Aaron and Alana emerge. Both are born in 1941, at the onset of the Second World War; and both experience the conflicts in Korea, and Vietnam, where Arron is wounded; medically evacuated to Hawaii, and soon realizes his wounds and related trauma has radically affected the trajectory of his attitude regarding the Army, his country, and the rest of his life. But then he meets Alana. And miraculously--his soul starts to heal.
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