Heather Carson Interview Published on: 08, Apr 2020

Where were you born? Did you ever dream of becoming a writer?

I was born is Oceanside, California. I’ve always dreamed about becoming a writer, haven’t we all?

What's one thing apart from talking about yourself that you hate the most?

People who lie and pretend they know what they are talking about. It’s honestly my top pet peeve. I have no clue why this bugs me so much.

What do you love the most about indie publishing?

The freedom of it all! I can dream up a book and create it from start to finish using my own driving vision. I don’t think I’d get the creative control through traditional publishing.

How did you begin writing?

I picked up a pen and the rest was history.

What was the first piece of writing that you ever wrote? Who read it first?

I’ve been writing poetry and stories for as long as I can remember. I did write this story in Kindergarten that got published in some school paper. We had a county wide event for that publication. My parents attended and I remember being so proud of that.

What inspired you to write your book, Project Dandelion?

My life as the daughter of a prepper and a random pregnancy dream I had. I woke my husband up at 2am saying “Babe, what if these kids were in a bunker...”

What was the significance of writing your book, Project Dandelion: Reentry?

I wasn’t even sure that I would write a sequel, but all the readers demanded more so I delivered. I actually love this one better than the first.

How did your real life experiences inspire you to write your book, Superheroes' Kids?

My husband was deployed and our two year old was having a rough time with it. It started as a poem and then I polled some military friends’ kids asking what helped them to cope while dad is away. The resulting product was this book. It was also illustrated by a local Marine daughter from the base my husband was stationed at.

Do you share your cooking and baking recipes on Pinterest?

I don’t. I have a horrible time sharing my recipes because I am very much a “pinch of this”, “sprinkle of that” person. It’s hard to explain how they turn out like they do.

If you had a choice where would you reside other than Southern Maryland?

I’m from the west coast and I would love to be home.

Which place in your locality serves the best tacos?

Sadly, they aren’t that great around here. I probably make the best tacos. I miss SoCal street tacos.

Do you regret dropping out of college to work as a Design Consultant?

I never regret any of the stupid decisions that I’ve ever made. They all led me kicking and screaming to this point in my life. I’m pretty happy with where I am (minus the lack of good tacos).

How do you think earning your second degree will help you in your writing career?

I’m not sure that I needed it, but I wanted my BA in English because I wanted to push myself further in this field. It was more practice than anything else, but the education helped me delve deeper into my writing.

What are you currently working on?

I have a New Adult Dark Fantasy series that I’m about half way through with writing the first drafts. I hope to have all three books published rapidly sometime this year.

How has been your experience with AllAuthor?

It’s been good! I’m not sure that I’m utilizing it the right way, but I love having the easy access to different marketing tools. The PNGs I can generate to throw into visual ads have been a lifesaver because I still don’t know how to do that on my own.

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