Imania Margria Interview Published on: 15, May 2020

Born in Livingston, New Jersey, which is your favorite childhood memory?

Even though I was born in Livingston, I grew up in East Orange (for the first twelve years of my life) and Kearny (in my middle and high school years). My favorite childhood memory has nothing to do with writing but more about one of my other passions, riding horses. When I was young, my paternal grandmother used to take me horseback riding at the riding school in West Orange.

It was one of the highlights of my youth. Since I didn’t do much as a child, because my mother worked during the week, and my maternal grandmother stayed home most of the time, because she couldn’t drive, I remained home and spent most of my time coming up with stories. Sometimes, I would go outside and play with the neighbors, but none of that was as relaxing and freeing as when I went to the horseback riding. Those were some of the most inspiring moments in my life.

What was your ambition as a child? Did you always want to be an author?

My ambition as a child was to make people happy. I wanted to inspire people to see the good things in life and embrace them whether it was through writing, music or dancing. I loved to see the joy in others. That is why I smile so much not for myself but to make someone else smile and hopefully brighten their day.

Is there anything from the past you wish you could do differently? If yes, what is it?

There is not anything I would do differently. I admit I have made mistakes and misjudgments in the past, but I do not regret them; because without those mistakes, I would not be the person I am today. Without the ups and downs of my life, I wouldn’t know who to trust, how to react when pain enters my life, how to adapt and adjust to overcome different trials, or how to open my heart and let others in. The mistakes I have made in my life were key to shaping my character by leaving a bit of wisdom after each obstacle. If I change any of them, who knows the type of person I would have become.

How do you feel about your poems and quotes being shared around the world in various languages?

I feel very thankful and touched. Every time I see someone was inspired by my words, I feel like I am one step closer to my overall goal as a writer.

What do you adore the most about reading works from classic and modern poets?

I love the comparisons between life during their time and today’s world. Sometimes, you can find answers for everyday conflicts and obstacles by reading classic works. They also help broaden my creative horizon as an author.

When did you write your first story? Did it get publish or not?

I wrote my first story when I was around 5 or 6. It was never published, but I still have a copy of it on my bookshelf. I re-read it recently and was thinking about re-writing and publishing it soon as my first YA action-adventure and fantasy series.

How did you begin writing The Pacemaker Series? Was writing the first book in the series challenging?

The Pacemaker started off as a nightmare I wrote down and thought it would make a good series. I did not expect to write it; but as I developed Minerva and her story more, I realized how much I needed to write it. At the time I started writing The Pacemaker, I felt similar to how Minerva feels in the first book, lost while adapting to the new norms of her life. I am going through a similar journey of self- discovery and am learning new things about myself each day just like Minerva. So, even though the darker parts were difficult to write, because I related to Minerva writing her struggle as a new obstacle got in her way eased the challenge of writing this book.

What, to you, is an ideal setting or environment for a good writing session?

I love writing in the park, but because I am still in isolation like most people in New Jersey I stay clear of it until everything is clear. Currently, I am trying to make my room into an indoor garden/office, so I can have a similar tranquil atmosphere indoors that I get from being in the park. Being around nature in a clean, uncluttered space with animals and plants helps me write, focus and relax more.

What kind of books do you like to read in your spare time? Who is one of your favorite authors?

I don’t have much spare time at the moment; between running my new publishing company (preparing our new releases for this year), writing my next books, and work, I don’t have as much time as I did before to read. But when I have free time again, I want to continue reading books by other indie authors and review them to help them out. I love helping other authors because I know how hard it is to get readers.

Do you like reading more or writing? Who are some of your favourite authors?

I prefer to write more than read at the moment. I have a bunch of works I have planned for this year and the next that I am currently working on. But if I had to choose some of my favorite authors, they would be Alexandre Dumas, Mary Shelley, Maya Angelou, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allen Poe.

Secrets of My Heart is a collection of poems and short prose that deals with the innermost thoughts and feelings of our heart. What inspired you to write this book?

Secrets of my Heart is a collection of poems and short prose that I wrote over the years. I wanted to publish my works to keep a promise I made to my maternal grandmother that one day I would publish my poems and share them with the world.

What is the best writing tip you ever received and who gave it to you?

The best writing tip I received was not from anyone even in the writing business. I received it from my supervisor at my job about how to deal with negative feedback, and I feel like it is something that is important for authors to keep in mind when receiving negative reviews. She told me, “Don’t take negative feedback to heart and give up. Listen to what concerns the customer had and use them to improve yourself and your work.” I think of this every time I see a negative review.

If a reviewer outlines why they rated a book poorly, then I will take their words in consideration to improve the book and any future books. However, if it is something they do not like or didn’t get about the plot though, then I won’t change that because I normally write the story a certain way because it’s crucial to the sequels.

What is something that people don’t usually know about being an author?

Being a traditional author is much easier than an indie author. You can write your manuscript then hand it off to your editor and the rest is done for you. But as an indie author, you must be the writer, editor, designer (for some), and so much more. You are also your own boss and running your own business in a way especially if you become an indie publisher. You deal with hiring editors, designers and PR agents. You must set a budget for each work and scout out which editors, designers, etc. fit your budget and your work. It is a lot of work but is rewarding. You can learn about every aspect of the publishing industry and how to better your work so it can one day rival that of mainstream books.

Can you tell us about your current projects? When can the readers expect your next book in print?

I have a few books coming out this year, but because of the pandemic there have been a few delays. My next book, a NA romantic suspense, Eyes, is expected to be released in late June or early July. I also have the first of my new dark fantasy and supernatural suspense series, Scarlet Moon, releasing in September, and my inspirational non-fiction book, From the Depths of my Heart, is coming out in December.

How has your experience of being associated with AllAuthor been?

Allauthor is a great place for my readers to learn more about my books and interact more with me. This site is constantly evolving and comes out with more ways to bring readers and authors together. I cannot wait to see how it will continue to grow and am proud to be associated with Allauthor.

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