I love my work with a frenetic and perverse love, as an ascetic loves the hair shirt which scratches his belly. Gustave Flaubert

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Damien Dsoul
Damien Dsoul
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  • Born: 17 June, 1978
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I was born in 1984, about a mile from SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5, close to where A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN. My father was murdered IN COLD BLOOD when I was about two. He was killed by some UNDERWORLD thugs who were known round the barrio as THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT. My mother, a BLACK DAHLIA, couldn't handle me, so I spent much of my years growing up inside GIOVANNI'S ROOM. At the age of fifteen, I fell in love with a sassy LOLITA; we spent much of our weekends flying kites in the places WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD, and it was around that time that I met MAURICE, who would later become an undying friend, but fifteen years later, he got afflicted with THE SHINNING and his body got washed up in the MYSTIC RIVER.

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The Rabbit's Man

Publish Date: Oct 09, 2013

Genre: Thrillers

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  • On 17, 10 2017

    Damien Dsoul interview

    Our prestigious member of AllAuthor Damien Dsoul is a fine author of dark romance and erotica. He was born and grew up in 1978 at Port Harcourt, the largest city in Rivers State, Nigeria. Damien always wanted to be a comic-book artist/painter but he found the work tough, as he had nobody around to learn from which is the reason he opted to be a writer. He wrote his... read full interview