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Currently living in the wilds of Northern California, J.B. is a woman of a certain age with a lot of living behind her, who looks forward to all the great adventures ahead. J.B. mines the richness of her history as a pastor’s wife in small communities all over the Western United States to people her not-quite-cozy mystery/thrillers. (If you’ve ever attended a small town church, you may even recognize some of the characters.) Writing from a Christian perspective, her stories include men and women at all stages in their faith walk, along with some truly scary villains. J.B. hopes her readers appreciate main characters who struggle with their faith as real Christians do and that non-believers will get a peek at Christian life beyond media stereotypes.

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Genre: Mysteries, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction

Mrs. Thistlethwaite and a Shadow of Doubt: A Tillamook Tillie Mystery

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