Book Discussion: Poustinia: A Novel

Poustinia: A Novel
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Poustinia: A Novelby Kathleen McKee Publish: Mar 27, 2016Series: PoustiniaWomen's Fiction
      • Kathleen McKee Kathleen McKee 1 month ago
      • My description of Amanda was based on a student in one of my college classes. When the young woman walked in on the first day of class, I inwardly cringed. Her neon hair, numerous body piercings, and tattoos on every visible portion of her had me thinking that she was a punk who'd be a problem all semester. What a mistake in judgment! She was the most delightful student in the class, always prepared, active in discussions--an absolute joy! It was a good lesson to me that we can't form opinions of others based on just appearance. I tried to make that point in the Poustinia series with my Amanda character. She was a good kid, trying to express herself. In the end, it was Amanda who made such a difference in Vicki's life.
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