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Nicole (The Protectors) Book #1 (The Mate Series)by Teresa Gabelman Publish: Feb 27, 2019Series: The Mate SeriesParanormal Romance
Donna Bossert Donna Bossert
Teresa Gabelman wrote it!!
I LOVE The Protectors series and Nicole and Damon are one of my favorite couples. I would love to see what the ladies(the warriors mates) are up to,
A Warrior Christmas (The Protectors Series) Book #14
(1) $2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Donna Bossert Donna Bossert 1 month ago
Absolutely amazing!!
Teresa Gabelman never disappoints.
The mates want to celebrate Christmas with the foster children, so each and every warrior helps to prepare for the compound to be overrun by excited children.
Will Sloan be the Grinch that stole Christmas?
Will The Warriors get day off from hunting rogue Vampires?
all this and more will be answered in A Warrior Christmas!

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