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Skye Taylor, author, mother, grandmother, and former Peace Corps Volunteer (2002-2004,) loves history, adventure, travel, the ocean, books and chocolate (not necessarily in that order.) She's been writing since high school, but only got serious about getting published when she retired and decided this would be her next career. Her latest adventure in writing is mystery and she's been participating in the Citizens Law Enforcement Academy, and riding along with local deputies as part of the research.

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Keeping His Promise: The Camerons of Tide's Way

Publish Date: Jun 12, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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  • On 07, 03 2018

    Skye Taylor interview

    Author Skye Taylor grew up in two small towns just north of Boston Massachusetts: Melrose and North Reading. Some of her hobbies include history, sewing, crocheting, beachcombing, swimming, and boating. Throughout her junior and senior year in high school, she had the same teacher who challenged her to put more effort into her writing. She wrote her first book in... read full interview